Sound installation, 2021
Electronics, Speakers, flashlights, hacked tape player, jackets, stencil-board

@  Credits: Dan Vezentan

Exhibition “Intre linii”, Atelier 35, Bucarest, RO

@  Improvised public performance at the train station, Petrosani

”Stația Bastler” investigates and confronts us, in a playful way, with railway station-specific practices, codes, hierarchies, to which they add a vibrant sonic landscape. The reunited objects, purchased from flea markets, refer to the actions taken during the journey: organizing a sound performance in Petroșani, sending a message through an official channel with the name of an inexistent station –  „Urmează Stația Bastler”. Also, the installation uses a recurring work method in the artistic practice of RGBastler - constructing instruments and re-signifying everyday noise producers.