Spring Reverb by Andréea Vladut and it’s vibrating bow

Spring Instruments by Andréea Vladut

Circuit-bent Casio / Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b, Maplin Voice Vandal clone, circuit design by

Vidéo VGA synthesizer based on the RGBNDR by Otso Havanto, iself based on the CHA/V by Jonas Bers & active mixer 

Circuit-bent Yamha digital drum DD-5 + mod / Electra distorsion & Korg MS-20 Filter

DOD280 Compressor / Harmonic Engine, circuit design by

Glidophone, reworked by Syntherjack / Bended Velleman

Nand Synth, circuit design by Synthrotek / Dual sub-oscillator, Roland SH-101 circuit revisited by analog lab - Carmelo Azzarello

 Chaos Loop Master / Korg MS-20 filter with 4 inputs

Dual VCO /  Dual white noise genrator  

3x3 Passive Mixer with integrated preamp / Buchla #194 Fixed Bandpass Filter, 1999. Drawn by Marjan Urekar

Atary Punk Console / Atary Punk Consol Bass version / PT2399 Echo-delay / Shoosh, Vactrol-based VCA by Damien Clarke

Ring Modulator / Catophonator 1.9, Kevin Buckholdt (2006), schematic by Syntherjack

Circuit-bent synthetiser toy with coil mod / Circuit-bent Yamaha Portasound PSS-20